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Meet Anthony Rodriguez, Service Technician at Gurnee Hyundai


Q:            How long have you been in service? And for the Gurnee Hyundai?


A:            18 years as a mechanic and 7 years for Gurnee Hyundai


Q:             What is the most enjoyable part of your job?


A:             I love to troubleshoot and fix cars, I love what I do.


Q:             Is there any specific qualifications you want to share with us?


A:             I am specialized in electrical, transmissions, and engine performance.


Q:             So why would someone in need of car assistance come to a dealership for service instead of their local freelance mechanic?

A:            The techs here and at other Bob Rohrman dealers are specifically trained for their Manufacturer, unlike freelance mechanics who are broadly taught on multiple factory engines. Also, here at the group we handle our jobs more professionally than anywhere else. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we respect our customers to the fullest extent. This is a quality you may have trouble finding at a freelance mechanical shop.


Q:             Are there any helpful hints that you would like to tell customers?


A:              Here at Gurnee Hyundai we offer a multipoint inspection that covers most of the vehicle including check engine lights and even electrical. I suggest having this done at least once a year to make sure your car is running at its highest performance.


Q:             Is there anything you would like to share with us about your life outside of work?

A:            I'm a proud husband and father of two children. Recently my daughter made me a proud grandfather of a little baby boy. On my leisure I study martial arts as much as I can, build car models, and read books on leadership and quality of life.


Q:             Congratulation on becoming a grandfather! Is there anything you would like to add before the Q & A is over?


A:             I cannot stress enough how much customer satisfaction is valued here by all of us at Gurnee Hyundai. I pride myself in customer satisfaction and respect my customers, as should all mechanics no matter where they work.


Thank you Anthony for participating in the Q & A and if anyone would like to ask Tony any questions or contact him please stop in a Gurnee Hyundai today!

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