Knowing the Differences Between Leasing and Buying Will Help You Make the Right Car Financing Decision

We’ve definitely heard our share of misinformation about the differences between leasing and buying from some of our customers. They’ve gotten it from a variety of different sources, but it has gotten us to thinking about the consequences of all this bad information being out there. Without the truth about their auto financing options, it will be hard for drivers to make the best decision for their lifestyle and budget. This is why the expert finance team at Gurnee Hyundai, located at 6251 Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL, has decided to provide the answers regarding the differences between leasing and buying your next vehicle.

Making the Right Decision for You

Although getting an auto loan, or a Hyundai lease, are both ways of financing your new Hyundai car, hatchback, or SUV, they are both very different ways of doing it. Both options have advantages for drivers and finding out which is the right choice for you involves examining your personal driving habits and budget needs. Our expert finance professionals can help you with this process and with determining whether you are best served by purchasing or leasing your new Hyundai vehicle. Some folks prefer a traditional auto loan when it comes to their car financing choice. This option results in the ownership of the vehicle once the loan has been paid in full, which also means that the owner will have equity in that vehicle that can be used toward a new one. Unlike leasing, someone who chooses to purchase their new Hyundai car will be able to personalize or customize their vehicle in any way they want.

Leasing allows a driver to pay only for the time they have the Hyundai car, hatchback, or SUV in their possession, which means a much lower monthly payment. Lease agreements tend to last a shorter period of time too, typically between two to four years. When someone leases their next vehicle, they must adhere to a predetermined mileage restriction, but they also get access to a new Hyundai, with all the latest features and technology, every couple of years.

Looking for More Information?

Are you looking for more details about the differences between buying and leasing? Get in touch with a finance expert, or a sales consultant, at Gurnee Hyundai, in Gurnee, IL, and find out everything you want to know so you can choose the right auto financing decision for your new Hyundai car, hatchback, or SUV.

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