Dealer Get to Know ! Meet Tom Hanson

As a new addition to the website we are doing a Q & A with some of our employees to help customers get a real sense of what really goes on here at Gurnee Hyundai!


Meet Tom Hanson, Sales Manager at Gurnee Hyundai


Q:                 How long have you been a car salesman for Gurnee Hyundai tom?


A:                 One and a half years



Q:            What do you enjoy most being a car salesman?


A:             The Interactions with customers. Everyday I meet a new person and experience a new challenge and that's my favorite, that everyday is a new challenge and a new friendship.


Q:             What is your favorite car to sell on the lot?


A:             I love the new Hyundai Sonata. The car comes with great incentives and very manageable financing that is in the price range of many of out customers no matter the income. The car practically sells it self.


Q:            Is there any up-and-coming new cars that you are excited to see on the lot?


A:              There are a lot of new cars in 2013 that I am very excited for. The new turbo Veloster is a must see with the new turbo charged engine that gives the Mitsubishi Evolution and Subaru WRX a run for their money. The new Hyundai Elantra GT that has a great price and a large amount of affordable packages that makes the car look, sound, and run excellent. Also, the new Elantra Coupe is a great car for a great price.


Q:            What is your favorite car of all time?


A:            the BMW 650ci


Q:            What are some things you want to tell customers about your life outside of work?

A:             I really don't have much of a life. I work 80 hour work weeks, selling cars is my hobby and career. I value myself in customer satisfaction and respect no matter how far I have to reach for it. Customer satisfaction is number one when it comes to my job. But, if I have time I like to enjoy sports.



Thank you Tom for participation in the Q & A and if anyone wishes to contact Tom if they are looking into a used/new car please contact him at or stop by Gurnee Hyundai today!

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